Tuesday, 11 October 2011


There are a lot of benefits of green sustainable living which will have a great benefit on all the communities. If we turn to organic foods and start walking in place of using our cars for short distances, it will lead to good health and save doctor visits plus fuel saving, carbon emissions and our monies too. And also we would be more fit and happy.

Connect with nature by doing gardening at home. Take your children for morning walks on Sundays and see the calming effects of birds chirping, whispering air through the trees and a complete flow of nature. You will feel the difference as this becomes a ritual in life, children will themselves detach themselves with video games and TV and you will detach from your unwanted shopping.

Eco-green living means slowing our fast pace of today and aligning it with the cool pace of nature, living in the moment with awareness to our surrounding. 

All this will lead to a peaceful life with almost no health concerns like diabetes, heart disorder or blood pressure.

Wishing you all a healthy green life !

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  1. We have significantly awakened awareness of our role as caretakers and our responsibility to support nature. That awareness includes both the tangible and intangible, from things to thoughts on the custodial spectrum. Our attitude matters and we want to do our part as good citizens of the world to honor, respect, revere, appreciate and love our gift of life in every facet of its magnificence.