Wednesday, 31 August 2011


Producing 100% energy requirements through solar, wind and other alternative sources.

Growing 100% of our food based on vedic-organic principles.

Eco-friendly transport system within the community.

Eco-friendly clothing.

Dairy and Cow care.

Virtually, a zero-waste living.

Co-operative business model.

Social model based on spirituality, recreation, education, music, art and yoga.

Contribution-sharing our natural skills and talents.

Interactive environment.

Consensual governance.


The moral, social and economic condition of the whole world is on decline and the best solution is the new experience of sustainable living based on the principles of Vedas, spirituality and all other best principles of all the religions. 

Presently major part of a person's life goes into work-commuting, financial and domestic duties, eating-drinking, sleeping and TV, etc. There is no quality time left for real personal growth, recreation, celebration and happiness.

Now is the need and opportunity to come together and create a sustainable community life, setting a best example for the complete world.    

Monday, 29 August 2011


We, Humans are the main culprits of affecting ecosystems in all kinds of ways. Whenever we walk in wilderness or try to clear lands for industrial zones, shopping complexes, parking areas, etc. we become culprits for affecting ecosystems.

We have affected the food and water cycle by our misuse. All kinds of mining activities and excessive misuse of our river-beds is altering our ecosystem.

We need to stop our avoidable interference with nature and let us work towards it. 

Wednesday, 24 August 2011


Permaculture is a complete design system based on ethics and principles which can be used to establish, design, manage and improve all efforts made by individuals and communities towards a sustainable and eco-friendly living.

Permaculture is based on ecological and biological principles, often using patterns that occur in nature to maximise effect while minimizing wasted energy. Permaculture aims to create stable, productive systems that provide for human needs, harmoniously integrating the land with its inhabitants. The ecological processes of plants, animals, their nutrient cycles, climatic factors and weather cycles are all part of the picture. Inhabitants’ needs are provided for using proven technologies for food, energy, shelter and infrastructure. Elements in a system are viewed in relationship to other elements, where the outputs of one element become the inputs of another. Within a Permaculture system, work is minimised, "wastes" become resources, productivity and yields increase, and environments are restored. Permaculture principles can be applied to any environment, at any scale from dense urban settlements to individual homes, from farms to entire regions.

Wednesday, 17 August 2011


People now understand that locally-owned businesses are much more beneficial to a community than businesses controlled by far-away owners or large chains with little or no concern for the local residents and the well-being of their community. 

Restructuring in economies is required. We will have to work towards the growth of localized economies like renewable energy, green design, sustainable agriculture, green based transport and other innovative ways of agriculture.

Saturday, 13 August 2011


Eco-community is a concept where many people will come together with their harmless dependence on nature and environment. They will support healthy human development. 

Eco-community depends on:
  1. Green initiatives
  2. Co-housing
  3. Localized economy
  4. Renewable energy
  5. Local food production and distribution
  6. Consensus decision-making for governance
  7. Respect for all
  8. Leaving non-essential consumption of each and every thing
  9. Organic farming 

Thursday, 11 August 2011


There are two main reasons for Community Building.

Social connect, friendships and sense of belonging have more importance in comparison to all material things we acquire during our career-oriented lives. 

Community gives power of oneness to all. Nobody is alone in their hour of need.

All this would also demand- Learning to respect, understand, accept and appreciate each other. We will have to discard exclusiveness and work towards inclusiveness. We will have to respect life in harmony and peace and only solution is sustainable community living.  

Wednesday, 10 August 2011


We have to get educated and understand sustainability in our day to day life. We have to invest in sustainable things and knowledge. 

The things to understand and implement properly are Solar & Wind Power, Bio-gas, Green architecture & Low carbon materials, Water management, Organic farming, Vermicomposting, Dairy, etc. and many more, we will keep adding.

There are so many examples of sustainable things which do not waste the resources available to us-

Double Glazed Windows ( in summer they keep the cool air in and keep the hot air out and in winter they keep the hot air in and the cool air out)

A water tank ( It collects rain water and we can use the rain water for our garden or cleaning the driveway)

Corn based plastic cups

Bio-degradable products

Green chemicals and fertilizers

We have to come forward to implement all these things together to live a 

sustainable community life.

Tuesday, 9 August 2011


This is very important that we explore self reliance and sustainability in this world of decreasing resources like fuels and ground water and everyday increasing costs of food and energy.

We should explore means of growing our food nearby which will save on transport costs and we will know what we are going to eat. While growing our food we can surely maintain a certain level of economic activity too.

We need to begin today as we are already late. 

Monday, 8 August 2011

Community Living 08.08.11.

There is strong growing need towards detaching ourselves from all the things which are not sustainable. We need to leave all non-essential things in our lives which do not increase our chances of survival.

Neither our cars nor apartments are sustainable and to save us from the global economic crash which we are seeing now, we need to take the first step towards a Self Sustainable Community Living.