Monday, 8 August 2011

Community Living 08.08.11.

There is strong growing need towards detaching ourselves from all the things which are not sustainable. We need to leave all non-essential things in our lives which do not increase our chances of survival.

Neither our cars nor apartments are sustainable and to save us from the global economic crash which we are seeing now, we need to take the first step towards a Self Sustainable Community Living.   


  1. This is the beginning dear and I would like you to share your ideas also.

    I will keep coming up with new posts.

  2. I think this the most beneficial dream for them who have courage for making a beautiful life and living with pride. Self Sustainable Commuity make you independent where you can feel yourself in a world whre everything would be possible and will be in your limit.
    Pls share your thoughts who is memebers of this blog.. Regards